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Proudly providing gamers with free games since April 2001.
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Fun Biz Games is the leader in Stagecast game development, proudly creating award winning, cross platform, freeware Stagecast games for all to enjoy.

If you want to create your own games quickly and easily, then you must purchase Stagecast Creator, the simplest game creation system to date.

Fun Biz Games gladly accepts PayPal donations. Donations are used to help pay for hosting services to keep this site open. Contributions of any size are greatly appreciated.

Site Updates:

September 2k9
MazeRunner link fixed.

September 2k9
MazeRunner demo is available for download. Though distributed several years ago to other Creator users, this is the first time it's been posted on the site.

September 2k9
Snake Stomp has been added to the games section.

September 2k9
Games are now all playable within browser.

September 2k9
Editable versions for many games are now available. Code, graphics, and other assets in these games are free to use in your own Stagecast Creator projects now.

What is Stagecast Creator?

Stagecast Creator is a revolutionary program using Stagecast's "program by demonstration" system. This makes game creation both easy and powerful. Creator allows the user to design the characters for his/her game, then program the characters with simple mouse clicks. The intuitive GUI makes all programming very fast and easy. No nasty scripting language to learn and no traditional coding at all. You will be able to complete your games within a matter of days rather than months. Additionally, Stagecast Creator and the games created with Stagecast Creator run on Mac OS, Windows, and Unix. You will not find a simpler cross platform game creation program. Stagecast Creator is simple to use, but does not limit you to one genre of game. With Stagecast Creator, anyone can create action, arcade, platform, strategy, and RPG games. You can create any type of game with a little ingenuity. The only limit is your imagination. Once your game is complete they can be downloaded and played by others on their PCs or posted onto your website for play within a browser.

For more information about Stagecast technology go to the Stagecast web site.
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